Home Accessories

Accessories for a Stylish Home

A house may be built with bricks and mortar but it is accessories that gives the structure personality and makes it into a home. They add energy and vibrancy to the home and tell visitors what your mindset and that of your family is. For example, a potted plant in the corner of a living room gives a warm tropical look while a big concert poster says that you and your family care about music.

There is no definite rule for choosing accessories for your home. You can follow a specific theme, or you might have an eclectic mix that will stand up to your various moods. The critical factor then is to make your home feel inviting and lived-in while ensuring that it looks elegant and stylish. A delicate balance has to be achieved between functionality and aesthetics.

This post will walk you through some accessories that you can buy as well as tips on how to best place them in a room.

Window treatments

Window treatments play a big part in setting the mood of a room. Set up bamboo blinds and the filtered light will have a calming influence. Floor-to-ceiling curtains add a touch of grandeur to the room, and you can decide on how you want to project them. You can either select bright-coloured curtains to make them the centre point of the room or have subdued colours and motifs that will fade away in the background while your furniture and other accessories become the focal point. Window treatments, regardless of whether it is for light filtration, privacy or everyday looks leaves the room feeling “finished”.


The furniture you buy should be high on functionality, comfort and looks. You can choose the old world solid teak wood furniture or opt for the latest styles and trends. One of the options before you is the choice of materials. Wood has been the traditional favourite, but to add a touch of style, try something that goes off the beaten track. Furniture of recycled wood has a unique and often colourful look with patches of red or blue on the surface.

Cane and rattan furniture are hugely popular today and will give your home an exclusive touch. You can choose bed-heads, sofas, side tables, coffee tables, hanging chairs, storage and dining sets of this material.  Pendant rattan lamp shades can be had in various colours to match your interiors. For the full range of cane rattan furniture, visit the website of The Family Love Tree, an exclusive store for this type of furniture and accessories.

Lamps and lighting

Lamps and lighting set the mood, and hence you should have separate sets for different rooms. You have a wide range to choose from- floor and table lamps, pendants and chandeliers. Have dimmers and lamps in places where you would want to set the mood or have a warm, cosy setup and track lighting where you need a bright ambience all the year around. If you opt for lampshades and pendant lights they can be changed anytime you want to for novelty.

Rugs and carpets

Hardwood and polished wood flooring look nice but they look better with colourful, cool area rugs. They are also a way to mask imperfections in the flooring. Rugs add depth to a room as the eye will naturally follow the colour pattern to the end. Even though there is no fixed rule for buying rugs, but like window treatments, bright coloured carpets become the focal point of a room while softer coloured ones accentuate the presence of other accessories.

While buying accessories to make your house more stylish, keep in mind that what ultimately matters is how comfortable you are with the things around you.