Gift for Everybody

How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Everybody on Your List

Festival seasons are usually fun times to be enjoyed to the hilt but it can also set you on a nerve wracking journey. Yes, when you go gift shopping it can be really taxing times. Your wife says she does not need anything but you know that it is not true. Then there are the hordes of friends and relatives to be thought of. You can directly ask them what they want and some will even open up their minds and be honest with you. But then, that takes the fun, romance and suspense out of gifting.

When you are buying a gift, do not go the routine way. Use your imagination! Buying and storing things on Thanksgiving or Black Friday simply because you get them ay throwaway prices and then distributing them at random is simply not done. Every gift comes not just with the item wrapped neatly; there should also be dollops of thought in it to show that you really care about buying one.

Here are a few tips on how to select the perfect gift for your chosen one.

Understand the occasion

The gift you buy depends on the occasion and the theme of the party. Different gifts will be based on this factor. Further, you should also know about the person you are gifting to as there is no standardised gift for all. A present for a teenager will definitely not be the same as for a friend who is in his 40s. Another thing that is important is matching the occasion with the person. Here are few ideas that you can try out.

  • Mothers’ Day – Cookbook if she likes cooking or jewellery
  • Fathers’ Day – A pre printed mug, watch or tickets to favourite sports events
  • Young child – Stuffed animals, crayons, easy book or other toys
  • Teenager – Gift cards for movies, T-shirt, CDs, iTunes gift cards
  • Partner – A gift card to the favourite store or maybe a photo frame with a photograph of you two together
  • Wedding – Pillow cases, vase, jewellery, cookware

Judge requirements

Try and understand what the person might need and want. This is the hardest part and you might have to go for various methods to get the required information. You can snare friends, sibling or relatives to give you ideas on what the person really loves without revealing your secret. Know their interests too. Look for broad hints on social media sites like “I could really do with” or “I have lost/broken”. These are some of the tell tale signs for deciding on a perfect gift.

Fix a budget

This is usually the primary step that needs to be taken and other factors of choosing the gift will depend on it. It will also help you decide whether the price of the gift you choose is too little or very expensive. It will also enable you to finalise the gift. You can buy a $15 T-shirt or a $30 one depending on your budget. If you are really have financial constraints, gift cards for movies or shopping will save you from making a choice.

The trick here is to make your gift as exclusive and unique as you can.